Putting The Spotlight on The Women-Led Theater Companies of NWA

“’Isn’t it funny that the best sunsets are when the sky is cloudy?’ says Rachel Burkevich, a Fayetteville-based actor, stepping from behind a music stand, holding a playscript, her voice pinging slightly off the cinder-block walls of the gallery basement. ‘It’s gotta be a little messy out there, you know. When it’s clear, there’s nothing in the sky for the light to bounce off of. The sun just sets. A ball of light you’re not really supposed to look directly into. But if there’s some weather out there, then suddenly, it’s like a sherbert-y explosion. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. Not sure it’s a good one.'”

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It’s Prime Time

When it comes to steak, it’s rare to medium rare to find someone who doesn’t have strong opinions. About sourcing. About searing. About saucing. About salting. More often than not, though, those beefs are just a matter of personal taste. Consider these sections that follow a guide to settling them. Deliciously.

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