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On the Cup and Cup


Stephanos Mylonas still remembers a cup of coffee he had seven years ago. It was a biting, chilly morning in London, and a long line was snaking outside a stall, much longer than the other lines at Borough Market. Mylonas …

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Art & Soul


In a former strawberry warehouse in Springdale filled with light and warmed by chevron-patterned wooden walls, Amber and Jonathan Perrodin are hard at work on an atypically mild August day. Surrounded by rolls of canvas, woodworking implements, mineral spirits, jars …

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Making the Most of a Good Thing

making_mostCome Razorback game days, you won’t find Elaine Eubank in front of her television. You won’t even find her in the same room as her Hog-loving husband, Alfred Williams. Not even, it would seem, under the same roof.

But if …

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One on One: Settling In Again


Marcy Doderer’s ties to Arkansas Children’s Hospital run deep, but that doesn’t make navigating the halls any less confusing.

Plenty has changed in the 25 years since she worked there as an administrative intern, and it’s been even longer since …

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Fine Fellows

In the past 27 years, 226 artists from fields as far flung as Dance Choreography and Sculpture and Installation Art have been recognized as recipients of the Individual Artist Fellowship awards from the Arkansas Arts Council, a distinction recognizing the …

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The (Super)Natural State

A dog’s mournful cry pierces the quiet of a tranquil cemetery. Steaming coffee flows from a cold, unused coffeemaker. Hazy figures drift along a hotel’s busy hallways. A silhouette of a woman appears in a turret window of a ramshackle

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Last Word: Booneville is for Lovers

How long does it take for a sailor from California and a barber’s daughter from Arkansas to meet, fall in love and marry?

Well, if it’s 1945 and they’re in Booneville, just four days.

John Freitas was the sailor. Of …

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Crafting a Legacy


Looking through the numbers of the American craft-beer boom, it’s tough not to call it a Renaissance. As of June, there were 2,483 craft breweries in operation across the country—up from 1,970 in 2011. Back in January, the research group …

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Favorite Things: Colonial Wine & Spirits’ Clark Trim


Next time you order a Negroni in Little Rock, ask the bartender where you can buy a bottle of that Carpano Antica vermouth for yourself. You’ll likely get the same answer we usually do: Colonial Wine & Spirits. Order a …

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Southern Splendor


Autumn arrives with a paintbrush, dabbing russet, gold, copper and pumpkin hues across the region’s landscape. That means it’s time to pull out a map, pile the family into the car, pack a picnic and cut out at a leisurely …

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Arkansas Sketchbook


“Listening for the Fall”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Kendall Stallings (2012)

The men in suits don’t belong outside. Trim and fastidious of dress (except when they aren’t—when their collars have been loosened), they are the sort who, rather than camping …

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