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26 miles, 385 yards


It was 13 degrees at 5 A.M. on Jan. 24 when I stepped out my front door to walk 18 miles for the second time in three weeks.

It figures that when I finally decided to make good on my

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The High-Low of KCMO

ScoutStatue_KC_0121TCutting into the city on U.S. 71, Kansas City, Mo., is still gray with industry.

At first glance, the view from the six lanes of highway is bleak. The landscape is dotted with detritus from the days of factories and

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February Good Tasting

Fish Tacos

03_fonda_TFonda, Little Rock

We know: We’ve got a lot of Mexican restaurants. But trust us when we say this west Little Rock newcomer’s bright, authentic flavors, friendly service and top-notch margs are not to be missed. (400 North

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Cooking up Comfort

07_thehiveThere’s a time and a place for molecular gastronomy, for fizzes and foams, for forays into the avant garde.

The frosty mornings and wind-swept evenings of February, however, are not that time. In the cold of winter, we Southerners are

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Q and A – Rob Nelson

QA-header-imgWhat’s your favorite way to eat your veggies?

Collard greens, prepared simply. Cut and wash them, boil them with smoked turkey necks, garlic and hot sauce. Serve with a little red wine vinegar, purple hull peas and chow chow.

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Q and A – Alexis Jones

QA-header-imgCrock pot or cast-iron skillet?

There’s nothing better than a good seasoned cast-iron skillet. They hold temperature really well, and you can get a really good sear on it. I love to cook pork chops. It’s just my favorite meat

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Joël Antunes

18_ashleys_TIn the kitchen of the most Southern of Southern dining rooms in Little Rock, Joël Antunes looks completely at home.

Passing under the chef’s watchful eye, plate after plate of braised oxtail, venison ravioli and chicken-liver parfait move through Ashley’s

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Alexis Jones

25_natchez_TThe words “vegan” and “comfort food” aren’t usually considered synonymous, but that’s just the sort of juxtaposition chef Alexis Jones uses in much of her eclectic menu. The owner of Little Rock’s Natchez has worked in the restaurant and hospitality

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Matt McClure

16_thehive_TAt The Hive in Bentonville, found-object installations depicting big game animals and hunting trophies are on display throughout the restaurant. There’s a moose assembled from scrap wood, a ram made of tires, an elk patched together from discarded shoes, a

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Rob Nelson

16_tuskandtrotter_TChef Rob Nelson of Tusk and Trotter in Bentonville is dying to hang meats in his restaurant to cure them, and next time you’re in he would love to present you with a suckling pig and then carve it tableside.

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Peter Brave

21_bravenew_TIt may come as a surprise that one of Little Rock’s finest restaurants is tucked away on the second floor of an anonymous-looking office building in Riverdale, but it’s just this sort of contradiction that helps define chef Peter Brave.

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