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The Life That’s Left

IMG_8944-EditTDown a dusty, lonely road west of Petit Jean, there are two stone buildings squatting bleak and swathed in pinstripe vines. Placed at the intersection of three open fields, they’re almost like black holes in the way they blot …

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The End of the Line

shutterstock_154345229_TMy college friend Rebecca saw something earlier this year that was so unusual, she had to tell her daddy. And when she told me why, I decided I should sit down with him as well.

What she had caught sight …

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MayoHotel_Tulsa_004TA beautiful city park nestled in the cool shadows of high-rise buildings. A world-class art museum. A battalion of food trucks serving up delicious street fare. Where are you? New York City? Nope. What about Los Angeles? Not even close. …

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April Good Tasting

Salpicao over white rice topped with Batata Palha

03_cafebossanova_TCafe Bossa Nova, Little Rock

This Brazilian chicken salad with Fuji apples, sweet peas, carrots and herbs crowned with thin strips of fried potato has been a crowd favorite since this South …

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Buds ‘N’ Suds

03_mainstapothecary_TAt first, Adelia Kittrell didn’t quite know what to say to the woman yelling at her on the sidewalk.

“You,” the stranger declared as she sped toward her. “You’re the girl with the blue bottles.”

It was true, sure. But …

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Her Place in the Sun

05_barbaraarmstrong_TBarbara Armstrong is a busy woman, but despite the nearly 2,000 vegetables that need planting this spring, despite the “beefalo,” goats, pigs, chickens and bees that need tending and the Argenta Farmers’ Market that needs managing, she sounds surprisingly relaxed. …

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Going Greek

26_greekfood_TFew people know the struggle of dyeing 400 hard-boiled eggs, but for Lea Ging it’s an art.

Since Easter of 1980, Ging has commanded a commercial kitchen full of Little Rock women who spend a morning gently scooping eggs out …

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Rock and Roll

shutterstock_77236705-1_TCartwheels, spins, flips, pirouettes—if you wander out to one of Arkansas’ numerous whitewater streams after a big rain, you’re likely to see dozens of Arkansans practicing these moves. Only don’t expect them to be wearing leotards; a paddle and …

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Match Makers

01_stonesthrow_TIt’s a crisp Wednesday night, and though Stone’s Throw Brewing in Little Rock’s Quawpaw Quarter would normally be closed tonight, the small bar attached to the brewery is packed. There are only two seats left unfilled out of the two …

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Arkansas Sketchbook

Disfarmer-I.064_TFree of context and outside information, the photo will only say so much, leaving most everything else, interpretation and so forth, to whatever meaning the viewer decides to assign for herself. There’s the wedding band on the woman’s hand that …

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Where the Buffalo Roams

In the broadest possible terms, the Buffalo River is the same this year as it was the year before.

And the year before that. And before that—going back the countless millennia (the youngest rock dates back some 300 million years) …

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