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Back to the Dining Room


It’s been four years since legendary Little Rock chef Denis Seyer returned to Little Rock, and four years since he’s had an official role in a restaurant dining room.

But it only took one phone call to bring him back.…

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Memphis is Still Midtown


Marking the entrance to the overflowing double-decker patio of trendy taco joint Chiwawa, an arched neon sign blinks a well-worn message: “Midtown is Memphis.” All that it takes is a quick glance for longtime Memphians to know exactly what the …

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A Diamond as Big as the Ritz

diamonds--01T“Dad, I’m going to run away from home.”

We had just finished dinner at our home in Springfield, Mo. For my very pragmatic and level-headed daughter to make such a statement was tantamount to setting off a cherry bomb in …

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Dressing the Part

A Night at the Symphony

01_fashion2Southern belles know that the “LND”—the little navy dress—trumps the Northeast’s little black dress any day of the week. For a big night out, toss in a blingy bauble, a pop of poppy and an …

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May Good Tasting

Grilled portobello tacos01_boulevardbread_T

Boulevard Bread Company, Little Rock

With delicious meatless Monday dinners like this plate of portobello tacos with grilled avocado guac and Arkansas-grown arugula slaw, Boulevard Bread’s Heights location has us thinking of going vegetarian. (1920 N. Grant

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Go Red for Women Luncheon



Go Red for Women Luncheon


Benefiting the American Heart Association


Statehouse Convention Center


May 14

Olivia Day, Blair Wortsmith, Dana Wessell, Kelsey TheallLynne and Samantha TomlinsonJacqueline Eldridge and Nicole McGeheeJoyce Taylor and Melissa Ramirez Amber Barrett, LaConda Watson and Monika HemmingwayHannah Bright, Judy Brickell, Virginia Robertson, Crystal Johnston and Michelle Jacks LaConda and Shay Watson




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A Story of Life


Families are about relationships, and this story is about a family— an exceptional one— the kind you would like to know. Their beginnings trace to a small town, Montevallo, set in a valley in the heart of Alabama during a …

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Portrait of an Arkansan

_PORTRAIT-LEDThey didn’t grow up as neighbors. They didn’t all stay. They didn’t all leave.

They didn’t all grow up speaking Spanish and crossing themselves before churches. They weren’t all Navy brats, and don’t all speak with a drawl. They didn’t …

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Getting Back on the Trail


As the frosty, drab days of this year’s abominable winter stretched into April, you burrowed deeper into your couch cushions and waited for a spring you thought would never come. Now, after a few false starts, spring has finally arrived. …

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Dishing on the Past

#1 An American Institution

Jones07TJones Bar-B-Q in Marianna made headlines when it was honored with an “American Classic” nod by the James Beard Foundation in 2012. But that’s not the only distinction the storied diner holds—it’s also the oldest African-American-owned …

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Mixed Media

07_isaacalexanderIsaac Alexander is modest. “I don’t think that I’m all that interesting of a person,” he’ll tell you. But when prodded, when it’s suggested that, OK, if he’s not that interesting, what he does certainly is, he relents. A little.…

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