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Birds of a Feather

13_codyfosterAlthough not usually a voracious reader, Cody Fields used to sit in his middle-school library poring over books about birds. Picture books, scientific journals, novels—it didn’t matter. Nothing fascinated him more than birds of prey. Intimidating figures they are, with …

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September Culturalist



According to Scott Avett, one half of the familial duo that heads roots-rock outfit The Avett Brothers, there’s a hint of “sparkly eyed wonderment” to the group’s latest album, Magpie and the Dandelion. Upon even …

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Life of Pie


Lauren French chooses her menu by temperature.

In summer, the pies French serves from her roving pie truck are light and fruity or cool and creamy. But if a cold snap hits, it’s back to warm chicken pot pie for …

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New Beginnings


A year after moving into her …

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Cream of the Crop

23_purejoyLike many artisan sweets, Pure Joy came from an idea and a craving. Matt Feyerabend wanted mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, but not the mint flavor that comes from a bottle. Real mint leaves. Rich, dark chocolate.

Armed with determination and a …

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Supplies in Demand

deskaccessories_new_T1. Magnifying glass, $79 at Box Turtle.

2. Paper weight, $30 at Georgia James.

3. Custom stamp, $125 at The Social Type.

4. Quill pen, $20 at Box Turtle.

5. Kate Spade notebook, $23 at The Social Type.

6. Bud …

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With Honors

Untitled-1Most everything about our university days always seems a bit better in retrospect—the food was always better, the opposite sex more attractive, the football team more formidable on the gridiron. All of which make it near impossible not to lapse …

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Deep Roots

DSC02625TThe photo that ran with my mother’s obituary was taken, appropriately enough, at the cemetery where she is buried. In the picture, she’s sitting on the ground leaning against a tree, one arm around my toddler son and the other …

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Juicy Fruit

watermelon-mainGrasp a slice with both hands, lean forward slightly, open your mouth wide, and bite on in. Swoon just a little as your teeth sink into the watermelon’s crisp fruit and its juices flow sweetly over your tongue and slide …

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Arkansas Sketchbook


Robbie Brindley
Polaroid film, 2014

In truth, it would be easier to write about the photo as if it were two separate images. As if the seemingly spontaneous and candid image of a woman gazing out over the water were …

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August Best Bites


Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale and Fayetteville

The caffeine wizards at Onyx know that handcrafting the perfect cup of coffee lies somewhere between science and art. Stop by the Fayetteville cafe for weekly tastings, or join one of its many …

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