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For the Birds

ZachWe are all birdwatchers, casually looking at a cardinal visiting a bird feeder just outside the window or watching mallards bobbing on a pond. There’s something about the feathered set that attracts our attention—their color, their freedom, their diversity. But …

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Stick a Fork in It

01_marytweedt_webFor the past 12 years, Mary Twedt has taken listeners behind the scenes at a host of local culinary institutions, from Brave New Restaurant and 1620 Savoy to Doe’s Eat Place and the Arkansas State Fair. And in the process, …

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Fact to Fiction

02_suziparker_webIn the seventh grade, Suzi Parker watched as Barbara Walters made someone cry during an interview. It changed Parker’s life. She turned to her parents and told them she knew what she wanted to do. From that moment forward, she …

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February Best Bites

Power Reuben


The Pedaler’s Pub, Bentonville

The old-world, wood-fired pizzas aren’t the only thing to love at this downtown Bentonville eatery. The Power Reuben—actually, it’s a cross between a Reuben and a Rachel, with pastrami and corned beef—is the perfect …

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Designing Woman

ThomasChecking the zipper on the dress of one of her models, Linda Rowe Thomas tells another to strip quickly, as she needs to make a last-minute change. As the model slips out of the knee-length maroon dress, Thomas picks up …

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Shreds of Winter

SlawBarAt a certain point each winter, diners start to dread the words “roasted winter vegetables.” The seasonally appropriate side is a quick way to fill our stomachs with extra veggies, and restaurants love to pair it with every comfort dish …

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First Taste: The Pizzeria at Terry’s



The elephant in the room at The Pizzeria at Terry’s Finer Foods is that there’s no room for an elephant at all—much less a table for four.…

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Hometown: Russellville


The store is bigger than I remember. Bigger. That surprises me, because the places that loom large in our memories are most often diminished in the light of …

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In Search of the Fouke Monster


The farm fields of the Red River floodplain were table-flat all the way to the horizon. For nearly half an hour out of Garland City, I saw no other cars and just one tractor. It was a late morning in …

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February Culturalist



2/13 ASO Pops Dancing & Romancing at Connor Performing Arts Center

LITTLE ROCK | In the mood for love? We thought so. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Broadway greats Joan Hess and Kirby Ward channel Fred Astaire and …

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Going, um, Cold Turkey:

One intrepid reporter’s foray into vegetarianism

By Shea Stewart


Being a vegetarian for a week was going fine until the morning of Day Four. That’s when the TV started speaking, enticing me with …

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