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21-Perfect your duck gumbo recipe.

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Gumbo may be a Louisiana classic, but add a little wild duck meat and it becomes a wholly Arkansas tradition. Stuttgart boasts some of the best duck hunting in the country and, with it, a community ready to celebrate all

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20-Eat a tamale like a pro.

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1. Unwrap.

Listen, we know you want to get these things in your belly ASAP, but whether it’s a corn husk or waxed paper standing between you and that tamale, you’re going to want to remove the covering, not bite …

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19-Bring turkey salad in 2015.

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Sure, chicken salad is great. But give central Arkansans a choice, and many will say they prefer the darker, richer taste of turkey salad. From Burge’s in the Heights to Bray Gourmet downtown, there’s no shortage of turkey-salad options in

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18-Take watermelon to the next level.

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No other fruit can quench a summer craving quite like a freshly sliced hunk of sweet Arkansas watermelon. We prefer ours ice-cold. At Little Rock’s Loblolly Creamery, head chef Nate Hamilton plays the sweet, light watermelon flavor against bold lime

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17-Cook a whole trout.

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Gaston’s White River Resort knows a thing or two about trout. Located just off the White River in Lakeview, the resort’s restaurant serves up 400 pounds of trout each week, April through October. And while their smoked-trout poppers are raved

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16-Identify a true barbecue shack.

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“It’s not a true, Southern, family-owned barbecue joint if you can’t see the woodpile. If there are matching chairs and tables inside, just turn around and leave. And if they own a microwave? You know it’s bad news.”


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15-Take a definitive stance on barbecue.

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Do you want to create a controversy?

Just pick a town, and declare it to be the Barbecue Capital of Arkansas. You’ll hear from folks clear across the state, from Little Rock to Hot Springs to DeValls Bluff, who …

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13-Pack an Arkansas beer cooler for the lake.

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When it comes to a weekend on the water, glass containers just aren’t kosher. Cans are the way to go. And as the Arkansas craft-beer scene grows, so do the options for aluminum-clad brew. In Little Rock, Diamond Bear …

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12-Find a favorite Arkansas wine.

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Sure, it’s no Napa Valley—but the history of winemaking in Arkansas stretches back to the 1880s in the Arkansas River Valley. Many of the wineries that operate in Northwest Arkansas have been there for decades, including Post Winery, Wiederkehr Wine …

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11-Host a crawfish boil.

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Beady-eyed, with pincers and a prickly disposition—crawfish are just plain ugly. A crawfish boil, however, is a thing of beauty, transforming a spring weekend afternoon into an all-day festival. While there’s really no wrong way to host a good boil,

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10-Recover your losses with corned beef.

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The first is to bet $5 on the fifth horse in the fifth race. Win, place or show. Do it. Trust me.

The second is to eat one—or more—of the Hot Springs racing and gaming venue’s legendary corned-beef sandwiches. …

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