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Prairie Road Companions

CompanionsWebMainI’m worried we’re going to miss the exit.

RoadWebIt’s one of those Arkansas spring mornings when incandescent blue skies are threatened by ever-swelling storm clouds, the threat of rain always near. I know because I’m piloting a vehicle eastbound on …

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Just Add Water

JustAddWaterTwenty years ago, the market for cotton startled awake like a newborn and hollered. The sound echoed in ripples across the country, making itself heard in places where cotton was but a memory—and where for many years there’d been no …

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Plans to Thrive

IMG_0565The lonesome stretch of U.S. Highway 49 between Brinkley and Helena is so void of cars that I wish the speed limit was more than a modest 55 so I could take advantage of this empty two-lane road. Instead, I …

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“It’s Where I Became a Person”

TurnerAaron_011It was always home. No matter how much had changed since photographer Aaron Turner had left—the family members who’d fled for greener pastures, the businesses that had closed—with the composite of experiences made and felt there, it couldn’t have been …

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Where the River Meets the Road

morrow_nikki-347679-origIf you’ve ever looked out over its muddy waters and stared into the expanse of churning, charging current before you, it’s pretty darn easy to understand why they call the Mississippi “mighty.”

And if you’ve ever seen the devastating effects …

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Hometown: Helena-West Helena

05_helena_webArkansas flattens in the east. The landscape tugs tight to the earth; the sky grows bigger as fields disappear into the always-distant horizon.

This is the Arkansas Delta, which roughly covers the eastern third of the state and is home …

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Delta Dawn

CoverWebIn the ancient alluvial soil of the Delta, soybeans grow sturdy as cypress trunks. Cotton, too—and rice, wheat, corn and peaches, among other things.

For eons, the Mississippi has fed that soil, and that soil has nurtured the land, …

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May Best Bites

01_lassisinn_webCatfish plate
Lassis Inn, Little Rock

Not that you would, but heading to this classic Little Rock eatery without sampling the catfish—a Delta classic—would be akin to foodie sacrilege. The owner serves farm-raised fillets, fried fresh to order, with cold …

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First Taste: Porcellino’s Craft Butcher


It’s not easy waiting for the first plates to arrive at your table when you’re staring at a meat counter glowing just beyond your …

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These Deep Delta Roots

shutterstock_99168167When I was growing up in Tuckerman, the world was both small and huge. I remember climbing trees with my neighbor from across the street—the deep grooves in the mimosas’ trunks made them easy for our short legs to …

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Rooted in the Past


Elizabeth and Dan spend the majority of time in their library, where they’re surrounded by all of their favorite things. The couple calls their style “eclectic,” and it’s perfectly on display in this vintage-meets-modern juxtaposition.

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