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Of House and Home


(Photo by TarantinoSTUDIO © 2015; Courtesy of Crystal Bridges)

It’s shaky because his hands are shaky, the way your hands would be if you knew you were about to lose the very thing—the physical thing, mind you—you loved most.…

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June’s Best Bites

03_southonmain_webSweet Potato Lemonade

South on Main, Little Rock

Sweet potatoes? Lemonade? Together? You’d better believe it. And even though this Frankenstein of a summer cocktail crafted by the mad scientists over at South on Main doesn’t have a right to …

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Unknowable NOLA

ALSecondLine_004_COLORMy New Orleans started with a photo. It was a Kodak snapshot of my older sister hanging gleefully from a street sign that read “Bourbon,” where the word served as a verb, an instructive, a lifestyle. It was a place, …

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Fur-get about it


You’re tired of your itchy eyes and runny nose, and—achoo!—those sneezing spells are definitely getting on your nerves. You wonder if you’ve caught the cold that never ends, although lately you’ve begun to suspect another culprit. It seems that the …

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Taking Back Summer

summerWebIntroSummer doesn’t have to be that time of the year when you’re either huddled next to the air conditioner or fleeing the state for cool mountain air and sweet ocean breezes. With a little planning—and, say, a grilled-grapefruit cocktail in

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June Arkansas Sketchbook

DS-2011-3There’s something deceptive about the storm—a break of black stretching diagonal from sky to ground. It’s deceptive in the sense that, simple as it is, the storm is capable of more than its appearance suggests. It’s capable of coaxing and …

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Opening Doors

04_vlcox_webIt may seem strange now, but during her last year at Henderson State University, artist V.L. Cox just couldn’t find a niche in her senior painting class. So she stopped going. It might have been for the best, however, …

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Hometown: Fort Smith


I’m practically giddy as I wind …

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Will He Wonka?

wonkaMainIt’s a fine title. It’s succinct, to the point. But as anyone familiar with what Matt Lowman’s done for sweets in this town can attest, the title the man’s recently taken on for Loblolly Creamery—“head of ice cream management”—is, ahem, …

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Missed Congeniality

shutterstock_192726620As a born-and-reared Arkansan, I’ve been schooled since my sandbox days to understand that offering a helping hand without being asked is simply the right thing to do. And with a lifetime of experience on both the giving and …

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Rocking the Boat


Photo by Marilyn Sutton / Capture Arkansas

When you look out upon the Ouachita Mountains—whether you know it or not—you are looking back in time. Those slouching ridges once stood as tall and imposing as the Rockies. But time, …

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