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August Culturalist

shutterstock_211471087Watermelon Festivals

(Cave City & Hope) | Aug. 6-8

As anyone familiar with the festival circuit of Arkansas-grown produce and products can attest, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate around these parts. Pink tomatoes. Catfish. Peas. And with roughly

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I Can’t Believe This is About Butter

01_butta_web2As Julia Child once said, “With enough butter, anything is good.”

And really, who could argue with Julia? Particularly if said butter has a little extra zip. Compound butters—that is, butter blended with herbs, spices or other flavorings—are an easy …

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More than Amazeum

Cross_SectionDo you ever get the sense that descriptions of a place just can’t do it justice? Like, even remotely? Like, understatements across the board? Whelp, funny thing. Because if there were any reason to doubt that notion, it’s only necessary

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Swing State

shutterstock_104576285I was canvassing a quiet street in Lonoke in the terminal days of what everyone knew would be a dismal election for Arkansas Democrats. That morning at the party’s makeshift election headquarters, a warehouse turned war room, I had been …

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Portrait of the Artist

RP_arlife_150609_3058aThe music idling and ebbing and filling the spacious room wasn’t violin. It was cello. Cello and orchestra. And as the music rose and fell, you could see that it was having an impact on the artist, who was sitting …

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Trip Everlasting

Untitled-2At the beginning of a journey, there’s always a moment when our minds and bodies relax and unwind. Tension and worries unfurl. Cares drift away like talcum powder in a soft breeze. Whether we’re jetting to Europe or off to …

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Living Lighter

RP_arlife_150611-3633a2From a thoughtfully overhauled mountaintop reno to an upside-down Fayetteville modern to a sleek, solar-powered Hillcrest home, these Arkansas abodes offer a blueprint for how to build, design and live sustainably—and look pretty gosh-darn chic in the process.


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July Best Bites

06_bluefreshfish_webLobster Roll
Blu Fresh Fish Marketplace, Bentonville

As classic as it is simple—it’s just fresh-caught lobster, diced celery, mayo and lemon on a brioche roll—the best part about this Maine-style roll is that those mouthwatering chunks of lobster are flown …

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Tennessee Two Step

ArkLifeChatt-1216Welcome to the jungle. In the heat of summer, the lush Appalachian ridges that hem in Chattanooga are so dense with vegetation that the city seems to rise along the banks of the Amazon rather than the Tennessee River.

It’s …

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Natural Exposure

IMG_5504Trent Sugg talks a lot about the “comfort zone,” even though it’s not a place where he spends a lot of time. Capturing fresh, striking shots of nature in its full, raw glory, he says, means not being afraid to …

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July Arkansas Sketchbook

Mesilla Camille Smith 2014 Oil and graphite on board

Mesilla Camille Smith
Oil and graphite on board

There are a great many memories, and most of them are soft around the edges, somewhat frayed, somewhat obscured by the expressive quality of Mesilla Camille Smith’s work. There are pool …

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