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Pine Bluff


Pine Bluff is a worried place. Straddling the oft forgotten edge of the Delta, where rice and soy fields butt up against the lonely, piney woods that blanket our state’s navel, the town has lost its former railroad glories and

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Made in the Middle


Following Interstate 110 into Baton Rouge, there’s a moment when, after a sweeping right turn to the west, the Louisiana State Capitol suddenly looms over the city. The Gothic tower, erected in 1932 by infamous Louisiana Gov. Huey Long, seems

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Last Word


The carpet in my room growing up was brown. Dark brown and low pile. But what I remember most was the feel. Each strand, worn with age, held a halo of acrylic fuzz and wiry bits. Brush a hand across

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Arkansas Sketchbook


DSCN3027THE EGG IS POTENTIAL. An organic, bleach-white canvas, showing to the world its whiteness, masking what’s behind until there are pops and cracks and something from within emerges and hits the daylight. That’s the potential of the egg. That’s

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When I sold my family on lunch in Bentonville, it didn’t need a hard sell.

Celebrating an 83rd birthday called for large tables, quick service and a short drive from the farm. We found it downtown, where we’ve found it

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The Best-Kept Secret


Down a nondescript suburban street in west Little Rock, past the large modern homes with trim lawns, the road dead ends in a metal gate that for years hid one of the city’s best-kept secrets: 234 acres of field and

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I’m making my way east along U.S 165, and as I drive, I’m mentally sorting through the comments people have been lobbing at me when I’ve asked them what to expect in Stuttgart. Turns out they’ve all compounded in my

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Artists in Residence

MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, the house gets lost in the fray as it plays chicken with Cantrell and bests the heavily congested road. Running

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Time to Give

02_bobghee_webIn 1945, President Harry S. Truman changed the direction of the eagle’s head on the presidential seal, mandating the national symbol should face the olive branch held in the talons of its right foot, rather than the arrows it clutches …

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The Culturalist



SEARCY | If you’re a YouTuber, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon Tori Kelly’s pre-fame videos. But don’t be fooled by the way she wiggled into the music industry. This songstress has a set of

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The Art of Making a Home


If someone walked into your home, what would it say about you? Would the frames on the wall whisper your story? Would the odds

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