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Arkansas’ Most Endangered


If there was one thing we learned—and which was stressed to us time and again during the course of the reporting process for the feature—it’s that the three locations on which we reported and the circumstances that have precipitated their …

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Work in Progress


When a house goes up there’s an expectation and assumption that it’ll stand—that it’ll be there for years to come, covering and sheltering the people who call it home, a blank slate capable of being imbued with memories and stories …

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David Hudson

David“I’LL START BY saying that it was my fault,” David Hudson, co-founder of Few, says without a hint of hesitation. His tone is frank, and he seems eager

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Andrew Motter

AndrewIT’S A CRISP early October afternoon in Bentonville when a Tesla Model S drives by Pressroom, where I’m having lunch with the founder of Lawnly, Andrew Motter. It’s

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Mark Brandon

MarkTHERE ISN’T much of anything yet in Mark Brandon’s office. He and the rest of Qbox’s Fayetteville team are still unpacking after moving to their new space off

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Jordan Carlisle

JordanJORDAN CARLISLE has a warning for Arkansas’ policymakers: If we don’t stay competitive and shepherd the growing startup ecosystem along, we’ll fall behind.

“Because guess what, we are

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Rick West

RickRICK WEST wouldn’t leave Fayetteville for $10 million. Literally.

In 2012, two years after he co-launched Field Agent, a market research company that pays its mobile users to

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Sweat Equity


IN NOVEMBER 2014, I found myself at the back of the Clinton Presidential Center’s Great Hall as then-Gov. Mike Beebe took the stage. He was the keynote speaker

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Moving it Forward


Rhea Roberts walks up to a tired mansion on a quiet, crumbling stretch of East Eighth Street in downtown Little Rock, pulls a cordless drill from an orange neoprene case and—bzzzzz—buzzes screws from the whitewashed plywood sheets barricading

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Bringing it Back


The canary-yellow house at 1509 S. Summit St. smells of varnish. Fresh paint and varnish. It’s a new-house smell, which, when you catch a whiff of it as it wafts out the front door, almost confounds the senses. Because this

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Watching It Fall


LinkIn December, the lot is empty, as it was the month before and the one before that. The earth is plush and pliable underfoot. Deep wending ravines made by the tread of a backhoe are cut deep in the lot,

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