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Dinner and a Show

When it comes to summertime dinners and shows, our tastes tend to be fairly simple—a bottle of wine, a hunk of brie and a long Delta sunset. However, as most anyone who’s braved our summers can surely attest: Sometimes those

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Selfie Road Trip

Stop fighting it. Whether you like it or not, selfies are here to stay, and what better way to embrace your inner social media star than a road trip to some of the state’s most selfie-worthy spots:

Selfie Roadtrip



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Take the high road

Forget worrying about your phone’s GPS, because the Talimena National Scenic Byway is road-tripping made easy. But don’t ditch that phone completely—there are plenty of picture-worthy sights along this 54-mile stretch, which winds through the southern Ouachitas from Mena to

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Museum guide

Arkansas is brimming with museums, so if you’re trying to decide where to get your culture on, a coin flip just won’t cut it. this might.





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Airbnb and VRBO

Ready to make a weekend out of it but not really feeling the Hot Springs Holiday Inn? Yeah, us too. But thanks to the sharing economy—which has bestowed upon us such gifts as vacation rental sites Airbnb and VRBO—we no

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One Mississippi


We don’t know where we were driving, this friend and I, on that crisp January morning in 2010. No final destination was in mind. Less than 48 hours earlier, my co-pilot had attended the funeral of a friend who had

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Last Word


This past August, my family and I moved from upstate New York to central Arkansas, a three-day trip that took us south through Pennsylvania and Virginia, then west through Tennessee. I had never lived in the South before. I had

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Roll with it


You know the end result—that craveable concoction of gloriously fresh seafood, perfectly sticky rice, a healthy dose of umami and what we’re pretty sure is just, like, magic. Well, as it turns out, it’s not magic. (At least not

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Mockingbird Kitchen


Being the traffic-phobe that I am—a decade of Los Angeles freeway gridlock will do that to a person—the last place you’d think to look for me at 4 p.m. on a weekday would be the stretch of Interstate 49 from

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Lowcountry Living


“To put it simply,” designer Kevin Walsh is telling me as we flip through photos in his Little Rock showroom, “Palmetto Bluff is in the middle of, like, nowhere. It’s … how can I describe this? It’s kind of a

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I’m surprised how quickly off Interstate 30 the sign for Arkadelphia, population 10,714, pops up. I didn’t have to travel very far at all off the beaten path to arrive at this town I’ve never been to, and only really

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