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Post-modem Decor


SCENARIO: YOU’VE GOT A NEW PLACE, and it’s a fresh canvas. White walls, white trim, lovely floors, lovely light, lovely everything. The only issue? It’s rather empty. After schlepping several carloads of castoffs to Goodwill, you’ve narrowed down your belongings

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Last Word


The most humble of waters calls to me. Chocolate-milk-colored seeps and tinkling rocky rivulets no wider than a long stride are the most persuasive. I know the denizens of those tiny waters, and they call as well. They whisper of

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One for the Books


It was a seventh-grade project that did it, says Tom Dillard—a report on Izard County in north Arkansas. “I’d never even heard of [that county], but that project just opened up my eyes,” he says. “I started really young having …

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Making history


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Object lesson


Since 1972, the Historic Arkansas Museum has been in one man’s (extremely capable) hands. As Bill Worthen prepares to retire later this year, he offers a unique perspective on the institution he’s nurtured these past 44 years: its

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Founders keepers


Visitors may have noticed the likeness of an older woman, captured in oils and photographs, keeping vigil over the rooms and halls of the Historic Arkansas Museum. For those unfamiliar, her name is Louise Loughborough, founder of

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Right on ‘Cue


What is Arkansas barbecue? It’s not Texas brisket, after all. And it’s not Memphis dry-rubbed ribs. It’s not KC burnt ends or South Carolina whole hog. It’s simple. Unassuming, even, with a little bit of this and a little bit

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The Culturalist



CLARKSVILLE | Arkansas’ oldest festival is going on its 78th year this month, but the fruit that inspired it—ripe, juicy Johnson County beauties—has been growing near Clarksville ever since those first Elberta peaches

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Arkansas Sketchbook

2Lawrence-McElroy,-Portrait-of-Gabriel-SwordHE WAS STILL HIMSELF WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER, when he first had a piece accepted into the Annual Delta Exhibition. But even then, as a young man in 1979, Lawrence McElroy knew himself well enough to realize there was something

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Screen Play


Graham Gordy could tell this better. That pretty much goes without saying, though in many ways his story, the way it traces  the well-trod narrative of so many young people who’ve struck off for Hollywood’s greener—or at least more luminescent—pastures,

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I’VE TAKEN Exit 55 off I-40 many times, mostly on my way to see my dad when he taught and coached at Subiaco Academy, living out on Lake Dardanelle in the town of New Blaine (population 174). But I’ve not

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