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To arrive on time in Cotter—about 16 miles south of the Missouri state line as the crow flies—I have to leave my Conway home pre-dawn. A wet moon (one I’ve often thought of as a Cheshire Cat moon) hangs

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The Culturalist


Crystal Bridges Distinguished Lecture: Nick Cave | Dec. 2

BENTONVILLE | Are they sculptures? Fashion? Theatrical costumes? Do we qualify them as “visual art” or “performance”? Whatever they are, Chicago artist Nick Cave’s “Soundsuits”—wild, wearable getups that alternately stand still

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Amman Abbasi

Speaking from Los Angeles, Amman Abbasi will tell you that, really, not a lot’s changed. Coming from someone recently named as one of Filmmaker magazine’s 25 New Faces of Film, and who’s just now wrapping up production on his first

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Supha Xayprasith-Mays

bill-halter_aoy-1086_cd_1When Supha Xayprasith-Mays hosted and financed the inaugural Inclusion & Multicultural Youth Empowerment Summit this July, she was more than just a speaker. Although she arrived in this country speaking no English (just, y’know, Thai, Laotian and French), the Laos-native

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Bill Halter

bill-halter_aoy-1056_cd_1This year, website Solar Power Rocks awarded Arkansas an “F” on the U.S. solar report card, ranking the state 51st overall. But Bill Halter, head of Scenic Hill Solar, the company tapped by L’Oreal to create the third-largest commercial solar

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The Wisdom House Project


When the well-spoken, sharp-witted Mouaz Moustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force in Washington, D.C., gave a TEDx talk at the University of Central Arkansas in early March, he didn’t know it would ignite a spark. After all,

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Pat Kienzle

aoy-pat-k-1020_cd_1In the nearly two decades she’s been going to Elaine, a town of about 556 not far from Helena, Fayetteville native Pat Kienzle has undertaken projects that range from developing a community center to raising funds for a newly opened

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Jeff Henderson

aoy-jeff-henderson-1009_cd_1After soaring through the air for a distance of 8.38 meters (27 feet, 6 inches), Jeff Henderson crashed back to the Earth, not only marking his place in the sand, but in the Olympic record books as well. The 27-year-old

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Gretchen Hall

aoy-gretchen-hall-1024_cd_1This past November marked 15 years on the job for Gretchen Hall. The month also happened to mark one of her team’s biggest accomplishments: the renaissance of Robinson Center Music Hall, a much-needed overhaul some five years in the making.

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Richard Glasgow

Hanglae Curry


“When the weather turns colder, as it’s wont to do this time of year, Richard Glasgow turns to a dish the northern Thai prepare in cooler months: a curry called hanglae. “When I go to Thailand,

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2016 Arkansans of the year


In some ways, our 2016 Arkansans of the Year are much the same as those who’ve preceded them. They are, without exception, people who’ve made waves on scales both large and small, who lead by example, who make us want

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