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Last Word

2babes-in-arms-1937“Listen, are you kids willing to stick together and pull yourselves out of a hole?” Mickey asked, rallying the gang. “I’ve got an idea! “I’m gonna write a show for us and put it on right here in Seaport. …

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The First Step


March 22

It’s Day 25. A nervous wind bellows and huffs. It stomps its foot like an angry child and sends everything on the ground flying into the air, then settling on Ben’s skin, clothes and inside his shoes.

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Let there be lights


Photo courtesy of Garvan Woodland Gardens


2016 Holiday Lights: Garvan Woodland Gardens

Hot Springs | through Dec. 31 |

Sure, this 210-acre botanical garden along the banks of Lake Hamilton is lovely in spring, when the site’s

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Good Tasting


Holiday Dessert Tour

Hogshead Tours, Fayetteville

Hogshead Tours rolled its 1970 Volkswagen Van into our hearts a few years back care of its craft brewery tours. They’ve since added jaunts of the non-alcohol variety (meant to showcase local eateries, shops

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Butcher & Pint


Y’all ready to order?” asks Elizabeth, our friendly waitress, pen poised and ready to go.

I’m pointing at the item I want on the oversized menu in front of me, but I just can’t bring myself to say the words

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Oh, Goodie


Barrel Reserve
Brandon’s Gin | Rock Town

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This is Made by Hand: May We Fly


There’s a jar of watera faint bluish green, the color of raised veins on a hand—in which Leana Fischer dips her brush and stirs it like a spoon in a cup of tea. She presses the pointed tip

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Lake Wedington Recreation Area


You could take it as it is. The reflection of the boathouse. The fog snagged in the treetops. The solitary heron a lone reed on the banks of the lake. Digging deeper, though, you’d learn that construction began on the …

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Arkansas Sketchbook


Sandra Luckett | 2014

If water is life, then this brings the fabric and gowns a little closer to something like it. It ripples, they ripple. It picks up light and sends light through them. In the series, aptly named

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