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The Culturalist: February 2017

Shook Twins | Feb. 2

LITTLE ROCK | There’s just a special sound that’s produced when family members sing in harmony, made all the more significant if the family members happen to be identical twin sisters, as is the case

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Perking Up

TERROIR : It’s a term that means “flavor of the land,” and it’s a concept that the folks behind the award-winning brew at Onyx Coffee Lab take seriously. To be sure, it’s the very reason they opt for a lighter

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Taking Notes

That chocolate you splurged on? It all started with the seeds of a cacao tree. Where and how these kidney-shaped nuggets are grown and harvested and the ins and outs of how a maker coaxes them into a mold is …

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Getting Crafty

We asked chocolate maker Nathaniel Izard to spill the beans on how his chocolates go from cacao to confection. (Spoiler alert: It ain’t easy … )

1. Sourcing
Nathaniel sources “high-quality, fine-flavor” cacao beans (as opposed to the “commodity” beans …

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The Sweetest Thing

  • Taste Test

  • The Chocolate Process

  • Chocolate + Coffee

It’s almost dinnertime,

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The Culturalist


Ozark Mountain Music Festival | Jan. 19-22

EUREKA SPRINGS | This month, folk and bluegrass fans from far and wide will descend on the historic 1905 Basin Park Hotel for four days of roots music at the Ozark Mountain Music

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Finale: Moving Forward, Giving Back

rp_arlife__161213_3892Talk to me about what it means for an organization like this to reach 50 years. That’s a pretty monumental moment.

It is. Yes. It means that a lot of people have worked really, really hard to keep it going. …

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Interlude: Taking the Stage



There’s sound. Not unified just yet, but on this Thursday afternoon, three days before the grand reopening on Nov. 19, it’s there and starting to take shape. As the musicians warm their muscles and instruments on stage, there’s some

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Music Makers


It hasn’t been without its bumps and bruises, this institution of ours. But with a much-lauded return to Robinson Center Music Hall and two feet firmly in the black to boast about, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s staring down its golden …

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Prelude: On the Verge


The man who tamed the music made little to no sound. Three taps against a desk with his baton before launching into a piece. A small grunt when the French horn went off key, maybe. Laurence Powell was a serious

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A Stargazer is Born


Since the dawn of man, humans have been fascinated by the night sky. From the constellations first recorded by the ancient Greeks to the images collected by the Hubble Space Telescope, we’ve sought to better understand our place in the

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