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Photo courtesy of the photographer, Andrew Kilgore

It was the early 1970s, and Virginia-born Andrew Kilgore, then a budding photographer, found himself at a crossroads. Should he move to the East Coast and apprentice with an established …

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Behind the Lens: Will Counts


Photos by Will Counts for the “Arkansas Democrat”

“The Little Rock news media didn’t expect the beginning of integration at Central High to be that big a story,” photographer Will Counts wrote in his book, A Life

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Photo courtesy of J. Carman, Inc. Fine Art Advisory

It was her aunt and a friend who were in the photo. Her aunt, dour; the friend with a slight smile, both of them looking off to some …

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Reasons to Love Arkansas: A Visual History

The fact that this is our fifth installment of this feature is proof positive that there’s just so, so much to love about this place. And while we’ve previously tended to focus on the present, it’s just as important to …

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Race Ready

The Root Cafe | Tofu banh mi (1500 Main St.;

Spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine, heck, even lasagna—these likely spring to mind when you think about pre-race noshing. And for good reason: Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen, and glycogen …

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Arkansas Sketchbook

John David Pittman | 2016

Upon arriving at the school in Nairobi, Kenya, in July 2016, photographer John David Pittman introduced himself to the students. He explained that he was there with Blue Door Sponsorship, an Arkansas-based non-profit whose mission …

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The Culturalist

Son Volt | March 2

LITTLE ROCK | Sprung from the ashes of pioneering alt-country group Uncle Tupelo almost 23 years ago came two other much-loved bands: Wilco and Son Volt. Wilco moved progressively toward more experimental territory, but Son …

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Seeking Snugness

Fact 1: Denmark sees, at this time of year, fewer than eight hours of daylight each day. Sun comes up around 8-ish, sets around 4-ish. Fact 2: Denmark came out on top in the UN’s 2016 World Happiness Report. Fact

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Good Tasting

The Cowboy

At the Corner, Little Rock

Sure, you might be faced with a crowd upon arriving at this downtown diner in time for weekend brunch. But do yourself a favor: Add your name to the list and take a

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Last Word

Photo by Darla Young | Capture Arkansas

As I exit the plane and enter the terminal, everything’s quiet and still. Airports are usually such a flurry of activity, travelers flowing in every direction. But at this particular minute on this

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Super Bowls

Ohhhh. You thought we meant that other bowl. Nope, we’re talking soup, y’all: the eight best in Little Rock, just in time for the coldest of the cold (or just, you know, when it’s actually cold).

  1. Marie’s sherried mushroom at

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