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Away We Go

Let’s be honest: By the time we’re longing for a bit of R&R, all the best summer-getaway digs have been snatched up. This year, get ahead of the game by booking one of these six escapes now, before it’s too

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The entirety of what I know about Texarkana could be written in one sentence: It is a town shared by the two states of Texas and Arkansas. Thus the name. I’m a genius, I know. And for some reason, when …

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Last Word

My kitchen is my time machine, my looking glass. Where my history drips into soups and breads and spices and pies. It’s my hallowed ground, my meditation space. It’s where I transcend. She fed us there, nourished us in that …

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It was the cheese fries that did it. Saiwok’s smoked-pork-belly fries, to be specific. It’s kind of ironic, when you think about it, that it was a plate of fries—or rather, a close-up shot of the dish posted to Reddit …

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Good Tasting

Baked Donuts

Baker’s Wakery, Fayetteville

Your first question probably isn’t, Are those donuts? (The discerning reader may have noticed their shape and the word “donuts.”) However, with nontraditional donut materials like “corncake”and coconut, and toppings like sriracha and PB&J, these …

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Golden Silence

Norma and Roy Reed Residence in Hogeye, 1978-1980 | Photo by Tim Hursley

“Soon after the renaming of the [University of Arkansas] School of Architecture after Fay Jones in April 2009, it became clear that, except for the excellent monograph

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This is Made by Hand: Black Moss

The foundation is black, these fuzzy threads running vertically on a wooden frame (called a loom, in weaving terms) like strings stretched tightly on a harp. They’re called warp yarns, and they’re where the weave starts and ends. “I love …

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Big Dam Photo: War Eagle Bridge

The man couldn’t rightly say why the sheep was following him back and forth across the bridge. It was neither livestock nor pet, the man explained, and its reason for following him was as inscrutable as the sheep itself. Maybe …

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