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Holed Up


Prettiest (and Most Accessible) Waterfall: 

Falling Water Falls

Pope County, near Smyrna Township

In the middle of the Ozark National Forest, a dramatic 10-foot-high waterfall from Falling Water Creek spills into a pool of inky, blue-green water—which …

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Land O’ Lakes


Best Place to Pitch a Tent. Or Two. Or Three:

DeGray Lake

Clark County, near Arkadelphia

Whether your camping style involves pitching a tent on a patch of dirt or hooking up a tricked-out RV, DeGray Lake …

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The Rivers Wild


Dry Run Creek | Logan Slusser | Capture Arkansas


Dry Run Creek

Baxter County, near Mountain Home

Although people might quibble about what “fishiest” means—most fish, or most BIG fish—the cold water of Dry Run Creek …

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Oh, Buoy

We’re not just talking any ol’ ponds or streams here, folks. These are truly Arkansas’ most superlative bodies of water—the biggest, the coldest, the most hashtag-worthy. And while we don’t intend to make waves, there’s certain to be some debate …

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Good Tasting

Dinner for Two

CM Smoke Artisan BBQ, Jacksonville

Cooked slow and low over the course of twelve hours, CM’s brisket is dark and barklike on the outside, pink-ringed and tender on the inside. It’s almost good enough to make you …

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The Culturalist

Riverfest at Riverfront Park | June 2-4

Little Rock | Forty dollars—that’s the entry fee for three days of music and more along the Arkansas River with the 40th anniversary of Riverfest. The weekend fee covers admission to see rockers …

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Dawn Holder

I remember noticing an orange patch in my yard when I was about 12. So I dug the clay and formed it into bowls, left them to bake in the sun, then painted them. The experience of pulling the clay …

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Alonzo Ford

I was 39 or 40 when I started. I really wasn’t doing nothing, wasn’t working because I had an accident and couldn’t do nothing else. So I started with wood. I came up with a new idea just trying to …

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David Bailin

My first drawing of note was a cartoon copied from the Sunday comics. I must have been 4 or 5. My father thought it was a good tracing, and I remember being angry, telling him I didn’t trace it and …

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Louise Halsey

As a child, I wove potholders on a metal frame loom. At age 18, I saw my first loom and weaver at work during a visit to Teotitlán del Valle, Mexico. My parents were visual artists who ran their own …

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Michael Church

I didn’t start creating visual art until my late 40s. My partner was doing a “collage a day” project, and I found it fascinating. I’m inspired by the images I collect, drawn to images that depict the human condition. I …

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