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Western Rat Snake

Serpent encounters are part of growing up in Arkansas. My first introduction was through Sunday School, in the pages of an illustrated Bible, with the depiction of a serpent wrapped around an apple tree. This was pre-kindergarten …

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Last Word

When I was 10, I sat on the cold tile floor, hunched over a red plastic tub between my skinny legs. It was December, and it was cold—as cold as it can get in Africa. My fingers worked the clothes …

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Big Dam Photo: Electric Ghost Screen Printing, Little Rock

In a word, you could call them delicate. They were always delicate though. Their soft, brittle wings were fragile even as they emerged from the chrysalis, their metamorphosis complete. Fragile still when they were collected in Southeast Asia in the …

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When I was a junior at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, I was an RA (resident assistant) in Humphreys Hall (at that time an all-girls, no-air-conditioning dorm) and had it all figured out. I walked up and down seven …

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Mad Pops

Whether at the company’s store in the Heights or its fantastic food truck, Le Pops has been our go-to shop for all things popsicle-y and delicious for years—and the primary source of many not-so-secret guilty pleasures. (A salted caramel pop …

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Chip Off the Old Blocks

When the Sterling Department Store at the corner of Capitol Avenue and Center Street closed in 2005, it ended a legacy that had stretched just shy of 80 years. Had you asked longtime residents and workers in downtown Little Rock …

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What Lies Beneath

The last man to leave    was well-dressed, wearing lavender, kneeling down, arranging flowers. His hair was white. His hands were red. His face was reddish. Above, there were dragonflies flitting against the gray sky threatening rain, a whole cloud of …

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The Buttered Biscuit

Where I come from, all for-serious home cooks have a specialty, that one dish that’s lauded as simply “the best” by all who know them. As in, “Aunt Sally makes the best potato salad—probably because she puts Italian dressing in …

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Arkansas Sketchbook

Kevin Arnold | 2017 | Oil and collage on canvas

Kevin Arnold wants you to slow down. It’s an idea that goes back many years, one that first started to take hold when he was doing his undergraduate work at …

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