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Big Dam Photo: Smoke on the Water

In truth, we asked. About the location. About the nature of the blue smoke. About the smells, the humidity, the water lapping against the boat. But when pressed about the particulars of the image, photographer Sara Reeves wasn’t all that …

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Wellness: Off Roading


It’s rare that Wesley Hunt crosses paths with another runner, and that’s not just because he’s fast. (And trust us, he is: The Little Rock-based ultrarunner has won three of the four Arkansas Traveller 100-mile races he’s run.) It’s …

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What’s in Store: White’s Mercantile

Taking a right off Interstate 55, about half a Johnny Cash album north of Memphis, you’ll find yourself on what seems, at first glance, like any other Delta back road. Flat and farm-y, sky for days, miles of soybeans (or …

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Dispatch from Helena: “The Free Write”

“Teach for America assigned me to an alternative school incongruously named ‘Stars,’ which the local administration used as a dumping ground for the so-called bad kids,” Michelle Kuo writes in the introduction to her memoir, Reading with Patrick. “These

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… at Ron Coleman Mining’s Crystal Digging Lecture Tour in Jessieville for your chance at unearthing a glittering quartz treasure because, you know, finders keepers. (





… on your to-do list to celebrate …

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The morning mist still in the air, Dina Del Guercio pulls on a red coat, saddles her hunt horse, Moses, and strides to the kennels to select the hounds for the day. A cacophony ensues. It’s the morning of the …

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Open House: Room Service

Hotel Emma

San Antonio

T exture. If there were just one word to describe the design of this 146-room River Walk beauty, that’d be it. Nubby kilim pillows on rough-hewn leather sofas. Concrete-tile floors covered over by ethnic rugs. …

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Dispatch from Clinton: Quite the Catch

S ix-lined racerunners, green lizards with blurring speed, zip through the gravel and sand as I make my way to a fork of the Little Red River in Clinton’s Archey Fork Park. Cool, crystalline waters ripple over rocky shoals. Under …

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First Taste: The Preacher’s Son

It’s quite the night-to-day experience, climbing the stairs from the craft cocktail bar in the basement of The Preacher’s Son, a Gothic church turned restaurant in Bentonville,  to its main dining room. The former is dark, cozy and speakeasylike; the …

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Finders, Keepers

Come rain, mushrooms grow. Reds, whites, yellows, browns. But daunting as it might be to parse the edible from the definitely-not, sometimes all it takes is a little guidance to realize the best stuff is right under your nose.


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Traveler: Down South Main

Josh Conley’s getting a tattoo soon. It’s going to read “4407,” which is, he’s quick to tell you, the jukebox number for Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is” at dive bar Earnestine & Hazel’s, where the Blytheville native’s …

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