Best Way to Greet the Day

Our relationship with coffee is what you might call a matter of semantics. Some might say it’s a problem. We say it’s an unwavering (albeit somewhat shaky-handed) commitment to routine and quality. Overly thorough, one might say. Because, dear reader, ever since the recent blooming of new coffee spots landed here in downtown Little Rock, we’ve made it a point to put them to the test. Repeatedly. Here are some of our favorites:

Blue Sail Coffee

Full disclosure: We went there this morning. Also, yesterday morning. And the morning before that. The folks helming this Tech Park essential are the reason we go back. Also, that Costa Rican pourover. (

Zeteo Coffee

Not gonna lie, with its hex tile and all-white everything, this one might be the prettiest of the bunch. One of the biggest selling points of the River Market location, however, might be the secluded workspace nook. (

The Meteor Cafe

For starters, it’s gorgeous. Everything about it. And the Intelligentsia coffee they’re brewing? Not to be missed. But the real reason we snag a table at this newly arrived Stifft Station staple? Those bikes, man. (

Nexus Coffee & Creative

Though it’s very much the new kid on the block (so new that, as of this writing, it’s only just opened its doors), we’ve got high hopes for this River Market newbie. Especially that rentable-by-the-hour conference space. (

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