Culturalist: April 2018

4.27 WOMAN OF THE WORLD On the genre-spanning new concept album produced by New Orleans blues-folk outfit Hurray for the Riff Raff, singer Alynda Segarra channels both her Puerto Rican heritage and her roots in the Bronx without losing that trademark NOLA soul. She takes the stage at The Rev Room on April 27; Birmingham’s…

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Inside @OzarkMamaDeer’s Kitchen

HERE, IT’S serene. The candles are lit, the tea’s steeping, the objects filling the shelves and countertops arranged just so. But when the Fayetteville kitchen of Nicolette Gawthrop—known as Ozark Mama Deer to her 44,000-ish Instagram followers—is at capacity, when her husband, chef/restaurateur Jerrmy Gawthrop, is flipping buckwheat pancakes, or her three kids under the…

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First Taste: Yeyo’s Mexican Grill

LET’S FACE IT: Mexican food has been Americanized more than any other international cuisine, becoming, more often than not, a Tex-Mex mash-up of dishes that aren’t indigenous to Mexico. Which isn’t to say that what most Americans know as “Mexican” isn’t delicious, because it is. The problem is what gets lost in translation when the…

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