It’s Waterfall Season—Get Out and Explore!

The say April showers bring May flowers. But all that rain also tends to bring out the best in some of Arkansas’ most beautiful natural features—our waterfalls. Lovely though they may be, it takes a certain kind of person to hit the trail during a downpour or to bushwhack through underbrush to find the falls flowing at full strength. But if you ask someone who does so on the regular—someone like nature photographer Jeff Rose—the ends more than justify the means.

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One and the Sain

Descriptions of Johnny Sain vary wildly. Some in the Arkansas River Valley know him as a local writer specializing in the outdoors. Elsewhere, he’s better known as the baseball icon who pitched Babe Ruth’s last at-bat and Jackie Robinson’s first. Ask enough questions and you’ll realize they are, of course, different men. But for all their differences, they’re really just … one and the Sain.

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The Other White Wines

I’M A SUCKER for an underdog and maybe that’s why I love white wines. It’s never been dictated this way, of course, but for many wine drinkers, even subconsciously, white wines can come off as less serious than reds. They’re usually cheaper, frequently in screw-top bottles and their lighter bodies can make them seem inconsequential…

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