Putting The Spotlight on The Women-Led Theater Companies of NWA

“’Isn’t it funny that the best sunsets are when the sky is cloudy?’ says Rachel Burkevich, a Fayetteville-based actor, stepping from behind a music stand, holding a playscript, her voice pinging slightly off the cinder-block walls of the gallery basement. ‘It’s gotta be a little messy out there, you know. When it’s clear, there’s nothing in the sky for the light to bounce off of. The sun just sets. A ball of light you’re not really supposed to look directly into. But if there’s some weather out there, then suddenly, it’s like a sherbert-y explosion. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. Not sure it’s a good one.'”

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Culturalist: June 2018

Wanna know how to dry-age a steak at home? Need help with your reverse sear? Get the scoop when Jess Pryles, the Austin-dwelling Australian better known as the “Hardcore Carnivore,” kicks off the PK Grills Cookout weekend with a master class on all things meat. Afterward, hang around the PK HQ for live music and…

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