One and the Sain

Descriptions of Johnny Sain vary wildly. Some in the Arkansas River Valley know him as a local writer specializing in the outdoors. Elsewhere, he’s better known as the baseball icon who pitched Babe Ruth’s last at-bat and Jackie Robinson’s first. Ask enough questions and you’ll realize they are, of course, different men. But for all their differences, they’re really just … one and the Sain.

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What Do Andy Warhol, Crystal Bridges And Southern Funeral Homes Have in Common? One Man: Tim Hursley

At first glance, it seems there’s a rift between Tim Hursley’s professional and personal work. For nearly four decades, the renowned architectural photographer has developed a portfolio of clients with names like Warhol, Gehry and Safdie, while his personal work, in contrast, has taken him into brothels and funeral homes. But spend time with him, and you understand it’s all the same.

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