Brick by Brick

In 1979, Stephen Driver unsuccessfully tried his hand at a wood-fired kiln. Earlier this year he tried again.

“I dream about laying bricks at night. Last night, I laid the arch of the kiln in my sleep.” —Stephen Driver

Part I:

Summer in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas at dusk is lightning bugs rising out of fields of …

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What Lies Beneath

Before the waters rose, those islands were hilltops. There were towns and generations of people who called them home.

Oh, Buoy

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Perking Up

Like Onyx Coffee? Like chocolate? Then we’ve got good news for you …

Taking Notes

Pretty paper and foil aside, there's only one "bar" all craft chocolate must pass ... The taste test.

Getting Crafty

Nathaniel Izard peels back the foil and gives us a peek at his chocolate-making process