IF YOU WANT TO SAIL THROUGH THE BREEZE WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE Arkansas Circus Arts If you’re of a certain age, there’s a fair chance you once harbored dreams of one day running off to join the circus—to tame lions, breathe fire or swing daringly above the heads of circusgoers on a flying trapeze.…

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After School

Old School Keeping it classy after 60—with free tuition at Arkansas’ public universities Many moons ago, you stepped into a high school counselor’s office and were told, Why don’t you pick a career path that’s a little more practical? Not that zookeeper, karate phenom or rock star weren’t entirely impractical, but a degree in marketing…

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Best Excuse for Day-Drinking

Bark Bar Puppy playdates are about to get a lot more interesting. The appropriately named Bark Bar—downtown Little Rock’s forthcoming dog-friendly watering hole—is combining two of our favorite things: puppies and Palomas, bulldogs and beer, mastiffs and martinis. … Well, you get the idea. Now you can chase that hangover away with the hair of…

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