It’s the Thought that Counts

Not just a parlor trick or a B-movie plot device, hypnosis offers a way to relax and reset (and maybe even give up that nail-biting habit)

hypnosis4The lake stretches before me as I hover above a half-moon sliver of beach. A warm breeze rustles the boughs of soaring pines hugging the shoreline. On the horizon, the rays of the setting sun spin threads of copper and …

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Juicy Fruit

Generally speaking, we are no friend of August. However, we welcome it every year for one reason, and one reason only: Watermelon

Recyclist at the Ready

A man on a mission to make central Arkansas a better place, one bike at a time

Drink Up

As summer descends, water may not be the first thing on your mind. But staying hydrated can be more complicated than you’d think

Treading Lightly

Finding the courage to leave the shallows and jump headfirst into conquering your fears

A Story of Life

Each of the 10,000 patients who've visited the UAMS Myeloma Institute since 1989 has had a story. This is Annie Mae Nix's.

Getting Back on the Trail

Make a clean break from winter hibernation by taking advantage of this weather, one step at a time

Buds ‘N’ Suds

Main St. Apothecary scores a hit with artisan soaps, lotions and teas

Lightening The Load

How hanging on to sentimental clutter can hold you back

Trail Blazers

Going the distance with Arkansas’ first 100-kilometer race

Checking Your Balance

Maintaining your equilibrium is more important than you'd think