January 2017

The Culturalist

A month of bluegrass, bald eagles and Broadway


Ozark Mountain Music Festival | Jan. 19-22

EUREKA SPRINGS | This month, folk and bluegrass fans from far and wide will descend on the historic 1905 Basin Park Hotel for four days of roots music at the Ozark Mountain Music

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Finale: Moving Forward, Giving Back

Christina Littlejohn, ASO chief executive officer, opens up on near-misses, impassioned patrons and a community that just won’t give up on its orchestra

Interlude: Taking the Stage

In the days just prior to the ASO’s first performance at the recently renovated Robinson Center, any number of preparations—for the space itself, by the orchestra, by individual musicians—had been made, both over the long and short terms. And it all led up to one moment

Music Makers

On its 50th Anniversary, has the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra found its opus?

Prelude: On the Verge

It’s hard to pinpoint, exactly, the origins of what we know today as the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. But one thing’s for sure: There’s never been a shortage of talent—or tenacity

A Stargazer is Born

Haven’t spent much time behind a telescope? The Central Arkansas Library System’s stargazing program wants to change that

Out of the Woods

At a rural farmhouse, a Dewitt family gets a lesson in turning “rustic ruckus” into “toned-down traditional”

Work of the Quiet Mountains

In Newton County, there is the rugged terrain and native culture. But there are also devotees of Buddhism and an aging population of back-to-the-landers, all of whom have come from far-flung places. And somehow, they fit together

Last Word

From ​Rise: How a House Built a Family


There’s a reason this place is a legend, and it’s not just the catfish

Straight to the Source

A perk of our increasingly globalized world? The ease of access to recipes from afar. We asked local chefs where they head in Little Rock to find real-deal ingredients

Good Tasting

What we’re eating this month

Mack of All Trades

How did Glenn Mack, a guy who’s lived in more than a dozen countries, wind up at the helm of Bentonville’s new culinary school? Yeah. We wondered, too


Keeping track of Northeast Arkansas

A Man of Simple Pleasures

When photographer William E. Davis died this past year, he left behind a legacy several hundred images strong, some now in the hands of the Arkansas Arts Center.

Oaklawn Park

5:05 p.m.

Arkansas Sketchbook

“In Tall Cotton”