June 2016

Last Word

Romancing the South


AS A CHILD, I CONSCIOUSLY REJECTED the culture of the South when I moved back after four years of elementary school spent in the granola-green haze of a progressive’s dream known as Madison, Wisconsin. Turns out it was a South

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Laying Low

It’s hot. And the last thing you need when it’s hot? A hangover. Good thing George Thompson is behind the stick

LaRica Micro Taqueria

You can take the foodie out of Brazil—and then that foodie will turn Arkansas tacos upside down

Finding Florida

Haven’t been back to The Sunshine State since your spring-break glory days? 30A is just the place to reconnect

Lake Village

Legend has it, this Lake Chicot gem’s a keeper


In which we look back on who we are and who we were through the symbols we’ve chosen to represent the state

Arkansas Sketchbook

“Still Life”

The play’s the thing

As Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre celebrates its 10th season, Rebekah Scallet talks about bringing The Bard to The Natural State

Good tasting

What we're eating this month

Lofty Goals

Dear friends with eyes for design pitch in to turn Nancy Nolan’s historic downtown Little Rock apartment into a homey haven

Tim & Diana

Ever since Diana Hausam met artist Tim West, Tim's story has been told and retold, but with Diana's, many questions still remain

In the long run

For folks who run 50 kilometers through the woods, success takes more than putting one foot in front of the other

Fresh on the farm

Lauren Manning isn’t your typical Old McDonald

Facing the music

Riverfest 2.0 has its fair share of naysayers. But for live-music lovers, it’s more than a welcome change

The Culturalist

A month's worth of foodies, full moons and french chanteuses

Day Tripper

From the mighty Mississippi to the shaded Ozark hollers, there’s a whole world of adventure calling your name this season