November 2016

The Family Meal

When our local chefs sit down to their own tables, what’s on the menu?



When our local chefs sit down to their own tables—that is, at home, with loved ones—what’s on the menu? (Hint: It’s not your typical turkey-and-dressing to-do.) To find out, we asked five culinary creatives with roots ranging from Chicago

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Making Air Waves

For King Biscuit Time's anniversary, we turn to archives to tell the story through voices of people who’ve known it best

Last Word

The Tailgate

Banding Together

When federal funds for banding ducks started to run dry, local hunters and an area university took matters into their own hands

Wine & Dine

Learn to balance vino with vindaloo with these ethnic food-and-wine pairings

Good Tasting

What we’re eating this month

Brewed to a Tea

We’ve got the lowdown on how to achieve the perfect cuppa using loose-leaf tea

The art of giving thanks

’Tis the season for showing gratitude, and there’s no way more genteel than with a handwritten card.


Where the sun also rises

This is Made by Hand: Beringer Wood

With a penchant for domestic and exotic woods, one Fayetteville artisan is elevating the craft of writing

“Getting to Know You,”

A chat with The Rep’s new producing artistic director

Robinson Center Music Hall, Little Rock

10:12 a.m.

Arkansas Sketchbook

“Gaudi’s Cat”

The Culturalist

A month’s worth of podcasts, prints and pip