Good Tasting

What we’re eating this month


Blueberry Blast Smoothie Bowl

Juice Leaf, Little Rock

When we first came across this dish at Little Rock’s new downtown juice bar, we were skeptical. But after ordering the first one, we realized the smoothie bowl’s true purpose: It’s the perfect excuse to load up an already decadent smoothie with toppings like dark chocolate chips, fresh fruit and nuts. So forget the straw and grab a spoon. You won’t regret it. (402 S. Louisiana St.;


Waffle Basket

Taco Beer Burrito, Little Rock

We’ve got a thing for eating out of bowl-shaped objects (see above). But eating the bowl? That’s a new one. Enter Taco Beer Burrito, the upscale Mexican joint from the folks behind Blue Canoe Brewing Co., and their waffle basket. Launched last month as part of their brunch menu, it features a fluffy Belgian waffle filled to the brim with egg, cheese, peppers and their signature braised beef, which is slow-cooked in Blue Canoe brew for six to eight hours. (419 E 3rd St.;


Pork Adobo

Pinoy Express, Cabot

OK, we admit it. We weren’t exactly sure what Filipino cuisine was all about before checking out Cabot’s Pinoy Express. Turns out it’s a bright and oh-so-delicious mix of Malay, Indian, Spanish, Chinese and American influences. Case in point: the pork adobo (Spanish for sauce or marinade). Slathered in a thick soy-and-vinegar sauce, the dish is a mouthwatering one-two punch of sweet and sour that typifies Filipino cooking. (110 Rainbow Drive, Cabot; (501) 941-3334)