Her Place in the Sun

Planting seeds and swapping stories with green thumb Barbara Armstrong

05_barbaraarmstrong_TBarbara Armstrong is a busy woman, but despite the nearly 2,000 vegetables that need planting this spring, despite the “beefalo,” goats, pigs, chickens and bees that need tending and the Argenta Farmers’ Market that needs managing, she sounds surprisingly relaxed. Spend five minutes with her, and you understand why.

She was born for this life.

Armstrong spent her childhood summers tending livestock on her grandfather’s Glenwood farm, stoking a passion for animals that would eventually become her livelihood. But these days, the leafy stuff means just as much.

Eight years ago, seemingly with a mind of its own, what started as a backyard garden exploded from a small vegetable patch into some 30 acres of produce. Now she’s a “whole farm,” and for the last three years has invited the public to join her.

“I want people to really connect with where their food comes from,” she says.

Now in her 50s, farming and education are two passions she plans to continue for a long time to come. And with strong genes deeply seeded in her family tree—her grandfather worked the land until he was 94—it should be a long time indeed.

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