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Arkansas Sketchbook: Nina Robinson

“Taking them, I wasn’t even thinking. I was just feeling,” says photographer Nina Robinson. “I wasn’t thinking about different shots. I was in this mode of, my camera is my shield, and I’m just snapping that photo.”

On April 2, …

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Arkansas Sketchbook

Kesha Lagniappe | 2017 | Clothing, thread

A few weeks before the yards of clothing stitched together were draped from the wooden underpinnings of the pavilion at The Bernice Garden, Kesha Lagniappe had clothing at her feet—two long patchwork tapestries …

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Tools of the Trade

Best as we can figure, there’s a magic to art. Because in the strictest sense, anyone could do it. Anyone can take the classes. Buy the books. Purchase apples and empty bottles to make a still life. But for most …

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Arkansas Sketchbook

Chrystal Seawood | 2012 | Acrylic

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