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Big Dam Photo: Arkansas Highway 286

You can consider the beauty at work here on many levels. Obviously, there are the colors: a sea of warm yellow and patches of burnt orange and green, all cast against a cerulean sky. If you look close enough, you …

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Big Dam Photo: Rodeo of the Ozarks, Springdale

If it wasn’t for the warm orange hue of the sunset, the photograph could be from just about any time in the Rodeo of the Ozark’s 70-plus-year history. Silhouetted against the horizon, the anonymous cowhand seems to represent the enduring …

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Big Dam Photo: Electric Ghost Screen Printing, Little Rock

In a word, you could call them delicate. They were always delicate though. Their soft, brittle wings were fragile even as they emerged from the chrysalis, their metamorphosis complete. Fragile still when they were collected in Southeast Asia in the …

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Big Dam Photo: Arkansas Highway 7

When there are storms, it’s electric. Fast-paced and frenetic, four or five cameras trained through the windshield of his car to catch the lightning, the rain, the funnels, whatever’s chucked out of the clouds and sent down to wallop terra …

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Big Dam Photo: Outside Walnut Ridge

On summer days, especially after a good, hard rain, the rural geometry—that meeting of dusty blacktop and budding crops—is unmistakable, a gridded patchwork of man and earth. But this morning, there’s nothing. Nothing but the crooked toothpicks of a farm …

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