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Good Tasting: August 2017 Edition

Suds and snacks

Sit & Spin, Fayetteville

File this under Things You Never Knew You Needed: an eco-friendly laundromat where you can soak your duds while snacking on chimichurri-topped sliders, house-pickled mushrooms, jicama salad and the cutest little Arkansas-honey-and-sea-salt donuts …

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Still Rocking After 90 Years

Tucked among the mishmash of memorabilia on the faded brick walls of George’s Majestic Lounge is a kitschy framed print by Mississippi artist Larry Wamble. It’s a “perfect block” rendering of Fayetteville, wherein Wamble has taken the liberty of smooshing …

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Last Word: New to the Area

My family’s migration south began before my wife and I met, when we (both Illinois natives) went to college in Indiana. Four years later, we married and followed a job to Kentucky. Now, departing that job, we’ve uprooted and moved …

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