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Built to Scale

On a blindingly sunny Monday afternoon, I find myself in South Fayetteville trying to figure out what a “tiny house” is. Once, twice, three times, I slow down in front of a house in this eclectic, up-and-coming neighborhood, only to …

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Above the Fold

There’s a rhythm to it that’s hypnotic. Dab. Swoosh. Dab. Swoosh. Dab. Swoosh. With her paintbrush, she marks the shimmery yellow-gold paper with the darker brown-gold resin. With a quick flick of his blade (a Japanese razor I’m later told), …

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Seeking Snugness

Fact 1: Denmark sees, at this time of year, fewer than eight hours of daylight each day. Sun comes up around 8-ish, sets around 4-ish. Fact 2: Denmark came out on top in the UN’s 2016 World Happiness Report. Fact

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