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Western Rat Snake

Serpent encounters are part of growing up in Arkansas. My first introduction was through Sunday School, in the pages of an illustrated Bible, with the depiction of a serpent wrapped around an apple tree. This was pre-kindergarten …

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A Fishing Tail

The morning’s hunt in the Ozark National Forest had ended with four fat gray squirrels riding home in my truck. As I cleaned the squirrels, readying them for a simmering pot of potatoes, carrots, onion, celery and a blend of …

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Swing Away

brown_chad-1536469-origFly line rips the river’s surface like scissors sliding across silk as Michael McLellan propels his two-handed, Scottish-style fly rod across the blue-green waters of the upper White River. As the line slices through the air, its loop unrolls gracefully …

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