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One Take: The Everyday, A Study In which we gave a local photographer a Polaroid, eight frames of film, a theme and one take to get the shot

A lot of the photographers I follow, like Stephen Shore, they were kind of a response to that Ansel Adams movement, where everything had to be this grand beautiful thing. They kind of came back in the ’70s when color …

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In the Pines

He wasn’t in the photos, though in retrospect I think he would have liked to have been.

Instead, on the evening we met, the photographer Robbie Brindley, sitting across a booth from me at a Waffle House midway between Little …

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Big Dam Photo: Smoke on the Water

In truth, we asked. About the location. About the nature of the blue smoke. About the smells, the humidity, the water lapping against the boat. But when pressed about the particulars of the image, photographer Sara Reeves wasn’t all that …

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Arkansas Sketchbook: Nina Robinson

“Taking them, I wasn’t even thinking. I was just feeling,” says photographer Nina Robinson. “I wasn’t thinking about different shots. I was in this mode of, my camera is my shield, and I’m just snapping that photo.”

On April 2, …

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