Some Good News

IT’S NEVER BEEN difficult to find news. Nowadays, with the whole wide world just a Google away, that’s more true than ever. Under normal circumstances, good news—silver linings, good Samaritan tales, glimmers of humanity operating at its best, the sort of news that so often feels in comparatively short supply—seems like a gift when you…

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You’ve Got Quail!

MEIMEI (PRONOUNCED MAY-MAY) the red setter has apparently turned to stone. She’s staring at a downed treetop, her head cocked slightly to the left, and not a single auburn hair quivers. It’s as if we’ve stumbled upon a canine statue here in the hills of the Sylamore Wildlife Management Area. Meimei’s point says there’s a…

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Hometown: Murfreesboro

MOST PEOPLE GO to the Crater of Diamonds State Park hoping to strike it rich when they visit Murfreesboro, but I am old (not really) and decrepit (not really) and cranky (really, truly) and I have no intention of digging for anything—outside of searching my purse for sunglasses on this happily cloudless, Robin’s-egg-blue-skied day. It…

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