Marc Guizol

Capital Bar & Grill

“I love to get fresh chestnuts. And candy canes for making desserts. And I miss snow, after 15 years in Montana.”

Alex Hawk

The Pantry Crest

“A PolyScience sous-vide circulator.”

Jason Paul


“Hmmmm … In a perfect world, I’d say: a Breville/PolyScience Control Freak induction burner, the Eleven Madison Park: The Next Chapter cookbook and maybe some mugs and new plateware from Wolf Ceramics. And, of course, another Vitamix blender!”

Jordan Crain

Big Orange

“A bartender I follow on Instagram just released a book he’s been working on called Meehan’s Bartender Manual. His Instagram handle is @mixography—check him out! Another idea: Patagonia Bee Products’ honey. My friend’s brother sources this honey from Argentina, and each one comes from a specific flower. You can buy it at the Green Corner Store.”

Brian DeLoney

Maddie’s Place

“Now that I have kids, Christmas is all about them. I love seeing their excitement build up, and just watching how giddy they get. But I always look forward to the homemade cheese straws my parents make to pass out to friends. Hopefully I make the cut!”

Zara Abbasi Wilkerson

Just Desserts by Zara

“A new set of copper pans—maybe from Brooklyn Copper Cookware, Mauviel or the All-Clad Copper Core set. Also, I love getting serveware like large platters and serving dishes.”

Matthew Cooper

The Preacher’s Son

“I love antique or coin-silver spoons for tasting or plating—the more worn and unique, the better. I also love antique butchery knives and sharpeners/honing rods.”

Monica Chatterton

The Root Cafe

“I love reading cookbooks, so I want one of the many editions that’s been sitting in my Amazon cart, like Tartine by Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson of San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery. I’ve amassed a pretty good collection of vegetable-based books but need more about dessert-recipe aces and techniques now that I’m more focused on pastry!”

Titus Holly

The Pantry West

“A pasta maker-slash-extruder.”

Capi Peck


“New Wolf E-Series ovens to replace my 38-year-old models at home.”