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Arkansas Life digs deep into The Natural State, unearthing surprising stories and exposing readers—both natives and novices alike—to new facets of a familiar place. We help folks live better at home by honing in on the best our state has to offer, and we take them to places they’ve never been, introducing them to extraordinary Arkansans along the way. To put it simply, we aim to explore the unexpected. And in doing so, we’re celebrating the myriad reasons we—like you—are proud to call this state home.


Jordan P. Hickey

Writer crush: Valeria Luiselli, Tom Junod, Martha Gellhorn, E.B. White, among many, many others.

Dream interview: Donald Roller Wilson. If you’re reading this, my offer still stands.

Writing ritual: Writing notes on little scraps of paper, then throwing everything into the fire. Repeat.

Blue Sail Coffee order: Large quick-cup of black coffee.

Can often be found: See previous question. Also, on the base trail ringing Pinnacle Mountain.

Emma Devine
Creative Director

Designer crush: David Carson.

Font that gives you the feels: Mrs Eaves.

Go-to for design inspo: Books (especially Phaidon publications).

Number of Pinterest boards: 130 and counting (as of 6/7/19).

Benihana order: A table’s-worth of fried rice.

Can often be found: At the Robinson! I’ve been hitting symphony performances lately.

Wyndham Wyeth
Associate Editor

Writer crush: Chuck Klosterman.

Best book ever: The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Usually listening to: Radiohead or The Beatles.

Film scene that gives you the feels: That last sequence from The Searchers. Ooof.

Three Fold order: Steamed pork dumpling bowl, medium spicy. But that new soup noodle bowl might soon change that.

Can often be found: Headphones on, listening to a record paired with a glass of rye whiskey and a good book.

Arshia Khan

Number of photos taken in a given week: So many! I currently have more than 14K just on my iPhone.

Claim to fame: Adam Rappaport, the editor of Bon Appetit, once favorited one of my tweets.

Thing you’ve photographed most in Arkansas: FOOOOOOOOOOD. (And chefs!)

Taylor’s Steakhouse order: Ribeye. Rare, with two crispy fried eggs, sunny-side up.

Can often be found: At Whole Foods, buying a steak and cashews.

Staci Miller Franklin
Niche Publications Director