An Arts Movement

With a major renovation in the works, the Arkansas Arts Center is booking its art someplace(s) unexpected

THIS PAST YEAR, a groundbreaking ceremony at the Arkansas Arts Center announced the beginning of something big: A $78.3 million renovation, helmed by the Chicago-based firm Studio Gang. It also brought with it the question: Where in the dickens is all that art going to live for the next three years? Well, thanks to a partnership between the Arkansas Arts Center and the Central Arkansas Library, many of those pieces—no small number of which had been previously stashed away in the vault—will be on view to the public at 15 locations across the city. Here’s where to go and what to see:

1. Where: Main Library

You’re going for: Western Civilization: Processional, 2002, slip-cast and hand-built glazed ceramic. Viola Frey, American (Lodi, California, 1933 – 2004, Oakland, California)

2. Where: Roberts Library

You’re going for: Rohwer (The Tag Project), 2011, tea- and coffee-stained cut paper, ink, string, thread and metal. Wendy Maruyama, American (La Junta, Colorado, 1952 – )

3. Where: Adolphine Fletcher Terry Library

You’re going for: Dance Diptych, 1993, glazed stoneware. Anne Hirondelle, American (Vancouver, British Columbia, 1944 – )

4. Where: Amy Sanders Library

You’re going for: War Games Basket, 2000, parachute cord, plastic army men, copper wire, camouflage-printed fabric and shell casings. John G. Garrett, American, (El Paso, Texas, 1950 – )

5. Where: Dee Brown Library

You’re going for: Young Girl With Moths, 2009, hand-built ceramic with engobes and washes. Margaret Keelan, American (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1948 – )

6. Where: Millie Brooks Library

You’re going for: Peake, 1993, white oak, coralberry and waxed linen thread. Leon Niehues, American (Seneca, Kansas, 1951 – ) and Sharon Niehues, American (1952 – )

7. Where: Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center

You’re going for: Just Pretending, 1995, mixed media, assembled found objects. Judy Onofrio, American (New London, Connecticut, 1939 – )

8. Where: John Gould Fletcher Library

You’re going for: D.O.G., 1980, glazed and china-painted clay. Jack Earl, American (Uniopolis, Ohio, 1934 – )

9. Where: Maumelle Library

You’re going for: Monster Fishing Kit, 2007, wood, metal and glass. Katie Hudnall, American (Alexandria, Virginia, 1979 – )

10. Where: Sid McMath Library

You’re going for: Interior Fold Platter, 1988, blown glass. Benjamin Moore, American (Olympia, Washington, 1952 – )

11. Where: Max Milam Library

You’re going for: Sancho (Donkey With Rider), 1990, lithographed tin, wooden armature. Peter Grieve, British (Kent, England, 1936 – )

12. Where: Esther DeWitt Nixon Library

You’re going for: Captain Sky Teapot, 1987-1988, clay, high-fire glazes, metallic lusters. Larry Page, American (Rosewood Heights, Illinois, 1949 – )

13. Where: Oley E. Rooker Library

You’re going for: Coupling, 1991, glazed earthenware. Patti Warashina, American (Spokane, Washington, 1940 – )

14. Where: Roosevelt Thompson Library

You’re going for: Teapot, 1983, glazed porcelain, slip-cast. Peter Shire, American (Los Angeles, California, 1947 – )

15. Where: Sue Cowan Williams Library

You’re going for: Tulipière, 2010, hand-built earthenware, slip-painted, sgraffito-decorated. Shoko Teruyama, Japanese (Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan)