THE WEREN’T even planning to buy a house. Natalie Freeman and her husband, Luke, owners of the Freckled Hen Farmhouse general store in Fayetteville, were just in their early 20s when an acquaintance told them about it. “She said, I went and saw this house and this land, and you absolutely don’t want to go see it because you’ll fall in love,” Natalie says. Truth be told, the house was actually a bit of a fixer-upper—pink carpets in the living room, wallpaper on most every wall—but sure enough, they fell in love with it all the same. It took six years of remodeling for the house to be transformed into the inviting space you see here. But now, the house they weren’t even searching for has become the home where they want to make memories for years to come.

A Place for Relationship Building

“We actually have a television in the space, but it’s hidden on a wall, and we can move it,” Natalie says. “Because while we love watching a good documentary together, we don’t want that to be the center point of the space. So we’ll have friends over and drink wine. We do a ton of puzzles; we play board games. We do a lot of relationship building there.”

House Plants

“We have a ton of plants in our space. My husband’s a horticulturist, and I was a school-garden educator before I owned the store, so plants are just a part of our lives. We really love having plants in our space—they kind of bring the outdoors in.”

Wood Pallet Accent Wall

“So, like I said, when we first bought the house, we didn’t have a ton of money to spend, so my husband and his brother spent like three days deconstructing pallets, so we were then able to make the wall and add some texture that way.”

Wood-Burning Stove

“That’s truly the reason we bought the home to begin with,” Natalie says. “I mean, the land’s gorgeous, but the stove warms our house in the winter, and we just spend a lot of time around that.”

Woven Mid-Century Modern Chairs

“We have two chairs in particular that I really love that I actually just kind of took from my mom’s collection. … I love them because they’re old, they tell a story, but also because they’re functional, and we can fit as many people in there as possible and still have room.”

Throw Pillows

“I absolutely love textiles,” Natalie says. “We have a vintage textile rug in our living room and then lots of throw pillows because I just believe, even in a small space, you can really add a lot of personality with throw pillows.”

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