At Home With Photographer Stephanie Parsley

Photographer Stephanie Parsley on what makes her dream home dreamy, (spoiler: it’s light).

IT WAS surreal, seeing her dream home on the internet—the light green facade, the natural light, the garden. Within minutes of finding it on Zillow, photographer Stephanie Parsley remembers that she’d “started blowing up the owner’s phone” and arranged a visit that same day. And sure enough, one look inside confirmed this was the place she’d always wanted to be. Now, many months later, with the home furnished just so, the space has indeed become a dream. In part, because she’s finally got it the way she likes it—but also, in sharing it with her boyfriend, Michael, it’s no longer just her dream, but one that’s shared.

Daisies Print

“I found it when I was getting into buying things for the first time for myself and my apartment—I’m obsessed with those colors. And Michael says, when he thinks of me, he thinks of the color orange, so I always put that by the doorway wherever I live.”

Plant Babies

“I feel like the best kind of present you can gift someone is a house plant,” Stephanie says, “It’s something that they’ve put in your space, so your house is a little more personal to them, even in the smallest way.” (At far left, a pothos from Michael’s mother; at right, one she received after graduating high school.)

Mid-century modern furniture

“I got the rug at Overstock because I can’t afford a $4,000 rug this size. I got the rug here, and I thought that I’d never have a dog—and so I was like, Oh, a white rug, that’s fine. And now we have a black dog. And I thought that it tied in perfectly with the green and the tan and the concrete table.” (Couch and chairs from Article; table from CB2)

Brass Lamp

“That was a really hard one for me to find because I knew that I wanted to incorporate brass without having too much,” she says. “I wanted some type of metal to tie in with that velvet and that leather and that concrete.” She then adds, laughing: “And I appreciate that so much, and no one else cares.”