Best Cheese with That Wine

Southern Table

Apologies in advance, but it wasn’t Gouda news to hear back in April that Little Rock’s Kent Walker Artisan Cheese would be closing up shop. But thanks to new owner Margie Raimondo of Mountain Home’s Raimondo Winery, you can still get your fromage fix at the newly reopened cheeserie—now called Southern Table—and (bonus!) sip one of Margie’s vinos while you’re at it. (

1. Cheddar

“Using the traditional clothbound aging process causes this cheddar to take on a sharper quality,”says Margie. Pair with a spicy cabernet.”

2. Garlic Montasio

“As its name suggests, this cheese features a pronounced garlic profile, bolstered by a nutty background. And it’s fabulous to melt. Pair with pinot gris, chardonnay or syrah.”

3. Pepper Jack

“A mix of sweet bells and jalapenos give this cheese the perfect kick. Pair with a tempranillo, a fruity red blend or a sauvignon blanc.”

4. 3-Month Goat Gouda

“Aged three months, this cheese still has that yogurt tang with a slight lemon finish. Pair with pinot noir or chardonnay.”

5. Halloumi

“This brined cheese is simultaneously salty and sweet with a delightfully fresh finish. Exceptionally delicious when served grilled or fried. Pair with sparkling wines, rosé or beer.”

6. 6-Month Goat Gouda

“As it matures, the Gouda becomes more buttery with a hint of nut, but still has a salty tang at the finish. Pair with zinfandel of fruity red blends.”

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