Best Way to Eat Healthy at the Drop of a Coin

It seemed like a sign … because it literally was a sign. “You are steps away from fresh,” it read, and directed us into the lobby of the Regions Center in downtown Little Rock. What we found was a vending machine unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Full of fresh, locally sourced and prepared items such as salads, tabbouleh, yogurt and kombucha, the Raiz kiosks are the healthy, hassle-free and affordable meal option we didn’t know we needed. And since one of Raiz’s three locations is just a couple of blocks from our office, it’s never been easier to eat right and get our daily steps in, too.

Best Reason to Join the Club

When you’re busy adulting—running a business or filing briefs or schlepping the kiddos around or all of the above—your free time is precious. It’s not that you don’t want to continue your education or attend a gallery opening or network with your peers. It’s just not, you know, possible. Or … maybe it is? That’s the idea behind The Company Club, a new ladies-only co-working space-meets-social club in Bentonville that’s all about fostering female empowerment and creating a community of collaboration. Members might bond over panel discussions or wine tastings or pop-up yoga—or just relax in a gorgeous space that’s (dream!) a place just for them.

Best Place to be Healthy, Nominatively 

Arkansas is well-known for its quirky place names: Booger Hollow, Toad Suck and Bald Knob are just a few examples. But Health, Arkansas, was a new one on us when we came across it earlier this year. Located in the northwest corner of the state among the Boston Mountains, the unincorporated community was named in 1880 for the supposed health benefits associated with the town’s elevation of 2,411 feet, specifically the area’s “fresh, clean air and the absence of malaria.” Just east of Interstate 49’s asphalt straightaway, there’s not a lot left to be found of the township, aside from a crumbling old schoolhouse and a lonely cemetery. But y’know what’s definitely not there? Malaria.

Best Green New Deal

Well, it only took two and a half years, but medical marijuana was finally made available to qualifying patients in The Natural State back in May. Doctor’s Orders in Hot Springs was the first dispensary to open after Arkansans voted to legalize the substance for medical use, and since then, eight more dispensaries have followed suit with locations opening in Clinton, Helena, Hensley, Mountain View, Bentonville and Fayetteville. So far, sales of medical marijuana in the state have totaled over $10 million with 1,400 pounds purchased by Arkansas patients. However, the new program’s infrastructure still has a long way to go as more than 70 percent of the state’s 32 licensed dispensaries remain unopen, and only three of five cultivators are currently producing. But the fact that many Arkansans are finally getting the medicine they need is certainly something to be celebrated.

Best (Hemi)sphere of (Positive) influence

Forgive the roundabout approach, but domes have a particular set of associations. Sci-fi. Early Roman architecture. Arena football. Male pattern baldness. Pauly Shore. But thanks to the spectacularly named organization The Legend of Greater Things, this might be the first time they’ve been linked to a quest for spiritual clarity. Opened this past summer solstice, the sprawling geodesic structure—located just west of Benton—offers a hub to focus on the individual’s spiritual journey, with weekly all-levels yoga classes, and regularly scheduled retreats and teacher training. Interested in learning more? Circumambulate yourself over to for more info.

Best Reason to Dig Into a Happy-10th-Birthday Ice Cream Cake

It’s an unassuming name, the Green Corner Store, especially given all that it’s accomplished in its first 10 years of existence. It’s the place where we go to buy handmade gifts and all manner of smelly-good things, sure. But it’s also a community incubator, nurturing some of our most favorite small businesses—not the least of which is Loblolly Creamery—as well as a rallying spot for everyone from the local plastic-free group to would-be urban chicken farmers. Little Rock’s SoMa has changed immensely in the decade since this “eco lifestyle” shop opened its heavy wooden doors—we’d say that’s no coincidence.